Seat Prop for Police Stick

Our Redesigned Police lathis are ready to report for duty!. The  Design Innovation Centre has taken forward this seed of an idea for supporting a policeman’s various postures during long hours of duty- all the way to production stage. The design was a simple rubber moulded attachment that can provide a soft “seating” for the policemen to rest their elbows or lean upon. Led by Prof. Chakravarthy, this has meant the project has been though many levels of prototyping, user survey, improvement and refinement.

Different ways of use to provide support5Different ways of use to provide support4

After the success and positive feedback for our 200 piece pilot production— we are ready, quite literally, to extend our support to our city’s hardworking police force.


Implementation was done on 200 police sticks delivered from Naigon Police Headquarter,
Mumbai. Tools used in implementation: