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Vision of DIC-IITB

The vision for the Design Innovation Center, IITB is to scout for problems in the rural areas and bring out innovative solutions.


Focus Areas & Academics

DIC’s would work towards introducing design and innovation component in existing courses apart from introducing a few dedicated courses. It will introduce design and innovation component in selected existing courses at both UG/PG level. The course structure will aim at overall development of students by inculcating a strong design oriented thinking. Armed with grounding in core science, engineering, arts, humanities and management studies, the learning will be based on hands-on training and experience. Along with strong industry participation. Internships and real life case studies and projects with industry will form an essential part of the curriculum. Working in multi-disciplinary teams, doing collaborative projects and building on communication skills will be ingrained in the programme. The main focus area of the school will be teaching process, product & service innovation through amalgamation of technology, science and humanities by design. The core area of intervention are –

-Craft & Agriculture

-Capacity building at the bottom of the pyramid

-Products for emerging Market

-Humanising contemporary technology

Out of the aboveDIC-IITB has three core focus areas –

1. Humanizing Technology

2. Craft development for livelihood

3. Agriculture

To fulfil the objective the approach from DIC-IITB will be divided primarily in two major phases:

Phase 1 – Conducting minor programme in design for undergraduate students across disciplines in IIT and organising short-term workshops and national conferences on methodology for innovation.

i) Currently, 140 students are registered for ID 401 course which focuses on problem solving and coming up with innovative solutions in the field.

ii) In the past, a national conference Abhikalpana 2012 was conducted, and eminent designers and practitioners were invited to present and deliberate on how innovation education can be achieved. In 2015, Abhikalpana was part of TechFest at IITB wherein works of various faculty members and projects under DIC was exhibited.

Phase 2 – Starting a special five semester (two and half years) M.Des programme on design innovation wherein multiple disciplines of design converge to develop products, services and systems which can be field tested. The students will necessarily work in groups so that synergy can be developed within given project schedule to complete the projects. There will be collaboration with industries, NGOs and institutes of repute to make the programme very effective as the mandate is to solve field problems. The students would have access to expert consultants for their project. They would be offered scholarship to work on their projects after their course is over to stay back and finish the product and help would also be offered for launching the product in the market. The core focus of the program will be to create design innovators for India that can achieve balance between learning and action resulting in innovative services, products and processes during their academic tenure.

Industrial Design Center

Industrial Design Center (IDC) at IIT Bombay is among the premiere design institutes of the country imparting multidisciplinary programs in Industrial Design, Visual Communication, Interaction Design, Animation and Mobility & Vehicle Design. The education at IDC is a unique mix of pedagogic experimentation with pragmatic design approach and blends hardcore problem solving with design research. IDC has been focusing on core areas like agriculture, medical sciences, rural upliftment, craft development, etc. The center interacts with various departments of IIT Bombay, industries and institutions for promotion and awareness of design by organizing seminars, conducting short-term courses, workshops and undertaking collaborative research to convert various technological advances into usable products and services.

Relevance of IIT Bombay as a Design Innovation Center in the Western Region

Established in 1958, IIT Bombay is one of the most sought after institutes of the IIT System. IIT Bombay has 14 departments, 10 multi-disciplinary centers, 3 schools of excellence and 3 inter-disciplinary groups, which together form the backbone for innovation. The Institute cherishes the hope that its graduates will be the leaders of tomorrow. Thus the education is patterned so that alongside the regular courses, students can devote 25% of their time to inter-disciplinary studies. Thus the emphasis on Humanities helps the students to interact more positively with the society in which they live, and Design education brings in a systematic way of creating innovative products for the benefit of the society. The Institute contributes to the industrial development and economic growth of the country through R&D support to industries. With its ‘Society for innovation and Entrepreneurship’, the institute also provides an umbrella to foster entrepreneurship. New high-tech collaborative labs and facilities like Center for Research in Nano Technology and Sciences, National Centre for Photovoltaic Research and Education, Shenoy Innovation Studio are being instituted to further the cause of creating innovation with a focus on humanizing technology. Thus IIT Bombay possesses a unique synergy, wherein technology, research, design, humanities and management work cohesively, to support innovation activities.