DIC in action! Marching forward towards completion of work at NSSM

The Design Innovation Center (DIC) at IIT Bombay worked and supported in the production and detailing  of the stylized hands and the large Glass Cube that represents a salt crystal on the 40 meter A-pillar, both predominant features of the National Salt Satyagraha Memorial At Dandi.  Project Associates of DIC worked on the intricate attributes and assembly of the Solar Tree. Making the salt making pots posed a tremendous challenge as the DIC team had to marry the induction heating technology with traditional handmade pots.  This was achieved effectively due to careful creative  thought put in to a special enclosure for the induction heating and assembly using special fixtures and adhesives.

Installation of solar panels for ‘Solar trees’:

PM@NSSM 30012019g

Implementation of the glass salt crystal held up by stylized hands forming an impressive ‘A’ shaped structure:


Fabrication and installation of salt making pots for visitors to have the interactive experience of making salt:


Kudos to the team who worked relentlessly round the clock!

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