Water Filter Bottle for CRPF Jawans

This project is aimed at designing a pump based water filter bottle for CRPF Jawans which is lightweight, durable, soundproof, easy to carry, use, maintain and has a capacity of storing 1 to 2 liters of water.

CRPF Jawan will keep the bottle inside pocket of the bag. When he reaches the contaminated water source, he takes out the bottle from the bag. He opens the base cap, takes out the filter which is attached to the pump with the help of pipe and throws it into the water source. He then hand cranks to pump in clean water into the water bottle. After pumping, he takes out the filter from a water source, wind up the pipe and put it back into base cap. He snaps the base cap to the bottle. He, then opens the drinking cap and drinks potable water from the bottle.





1) The device has a built-in pumping system for ease of drawing and filtering water.

2) There is a storage provision for the filtered water after pumping.

3) Use of HDPE makes the bottle durable as HDPE is safest form of plastic to be used as it is very hard wearing, does not breakdown under exposure to extreme weather conditions.

4) The filter housing is integrated with the bottle.

5) Hand cranking is preferable and more advantageous to suction for obtaining filtered water.

Design :  Devanshi Saksena
Guided by Prof. B. K. Chakravarthy

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