Field Visit to Biturli and Kawanai Village

On 13th May 2017, DIC team along with Water group member Mr. Ravindra visited two villages Biturli and Kawanai near Igatpuri, Nashik. The water cart was given for testing to the people during the first week of April. The team, during the visit got feedback and also found few issues to be resolved. The people are demanding for more number of carts to be given to them for use and are also ready to purchase it.

1 thought on “Field Visit to Biturli and Kawanai Village

  1. Rohit Rupwate

    Hello 👋 I am Rohit Rupwate of this village Biturli, I am trying Hard for iit preparation but due to some reason I am not qualified this exam and I get COEP PUNE
    My village is to much small I am first person who completed first time 12th with 85% my village is so much beautiful and to much wonderful



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