Natural Convection Solar Dryer

The Solar Dryer has been redesigned and developed for community based drying in the rural areas. The Dryer will be low cost—not exceeding INR 15000/. It will integrate modular features for economical mass manufacture. And  easy assembling-disassembling features ensuring convenient transportation. Mindful of the end user requirement, insightful user friendly features include:  humidity control, flap opening door operations and a low minimum of 10 kgs for drying— without losing on performance and technical parameters. With an eye on social design surrounding the drying process:  the goal is to eventually, also, create a brand and market for the dried crops.


1 thought on “Natural Convection Solar Dryer

  1. Raghunath

    This solar dryer looks decent
    we need more details of this solar agricultural products dryer and also technology transfer procedure for them



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