Design of Way Finding Systems

Disha, Sir J J Group of Hospitals, Mumbai:

With the support of Design Innovation Center, a group of IDC B.des students have designed and developed Way Finding Systems for the  Sir J J Group of Hospitals in Mumbai. As a pilot, the problem is solved through three levels. The students in groups were used colour coding and visual elements to make way-finding easier for both patients and visitors. Secondly, wearable bands and tags were used to give directions corresponding signage along the ways and finally signage for quicker identification of destination.

See the facebook page put up by the students.20160418_174905
At Gateway of India, Mumbai:
B.Des students in groups has come up with innovative signage system using LED lighting elements.
The prototype installed at the Gateway of India will aid tourists to identify the gates cater to vessels destined towards various locations. The key focus of the project was to resolve any confusion while navigating in the dynamic space of the Gateway of India.

See the facebook page put up by the students.

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