Temple Light

Lighting—that can enhance Heritage temples and forts by night – is currently done in a fairly insensitive manner. Nails are driven into century old stone walls, irreparably damaging the sculptures, murals and inscriptions inside the temples. The conventional lighting systems used are tube lights and bulbs which are unsuitable for the ambience. The wires gape through the pillars in an unsightly fashion.

Solving these problems, this lighting project creates ambient lighting that merges into and enhances the look of the building. A series of lights are neatly hidden behind laser cut steel panels that stick to the temple walls using specially designed adhesives. The adhesives are customized for the temple walls based on their material. Ornamentation replicating the temple’s surface designs are carefully selected and laser cut onto the panel.

Designed by Shashank Sawant, IDC student
Design & Development by Aniket Bhagat
Guided by Prof. B.K. Chakravarthy




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