Design Innovation Center (DIC) has been supporting innovative projects endeavours of IITB students

“AUV-IITB is a group of students from IIT Bombay who engage in research for indigenous development of micro Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). Team AUV-IITB aims to be a forum for students to network together and develop new low-cost technologies for use in the Autonomous Underwater Robotics Industry.

In order to give the developing nation one of its first advanced and low cost AUVs, the team has been working rigorously on Matsya series of AUVs with Matsya 4.0 being the current vehicle having the capability to perform various complex tasks.

The project team involves students with expertise from different engineering disciplines in the institute. It encompasses the streams of Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical and Aerospace engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Physics.

The project’s long term vision is to engage in extensive and indigenous research in underwater technologies in collaboration with Naval Research Board, Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO), independent research on components such as underwater connectors, water-proofing techniques, thrusters, acoustic localization system and software framework. It aims to develop a student team as a Centre of Excellence in maritime technology as well as a self-sustained independent student body.”

Matsya series of AUVs with Matsya 4.0

Matsya series of AUVs with Matsya 4.0

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