Design of Face Shield for Protection from COVID19 virus for Doctors and Nurses:

Face shield is personal protective equipment that can be used by many workers in the medical field for protection of the facial area and associated mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from splashes, sprays, and spatter of body fluids which may contain COVID 19 virus.  There are millions of potential users of face shields.  It can be also used by Government Agencies and professional societies for protection from COVID 19 virus.

1) It is made up of moulded transparent poly-carbonate which gives maximum visibility and strength.

2) Easy to wear/use and more comfortable.

3) Protect a larger portion of the face.

4) User-centred design.

5) Ergonomic design.

6) Less fogging than goggles

7) No impact on breathing resistance.

8) The curve in shape gives more breathing space.

9) Impact resistance and reusable after sanitization.

10) It will make a barrier for the user from touching his/her faces especially the nose, so it stops the virus entering into the body.


DIC-IITB showcased the progress along with its Spokes at IIT Delhi

Design Innovation Center (DIC) IITB along with its 3 spokes showcased the progress of work during the one-day exhibition held at IIT Delhi on 26th December 2019 under the MHRD’s scheme “National Initiative for Design Innovation” organized by DIC IIT Delhi, SPA Delhi and CIC-Delhi.





The porters at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine are using the redesigned palki which was distributed among them after its formal inauguration by the Hon’ble Governor of Jammu.

The redesign brought down the weight of the Palki from 60 kgs to 34 kgs, thus making it much lighter for the porters who carry these palanquins through the arduous terrain leading to the temple. The use of lightweight stainless steel pipes also made it durable, safer and virtually maintenance-free while allowing for a weight load of up to 150 kgs. The combination of engineering, ergonomics, ethnography and design innovation resulted in a product that can also be made locally by small scale manufacturers.