Design Innovation Center took part in the FINE 2019

Design Innovation Center took part in the round table meeting on leveraging innovations in science and technology for inclusive development during Festival of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (FINE) 2019 held from 15-18, March 2019 at National Innovation Foundation – India (NIF), Ahmedabad.





DIC in action! Marching forward towards completion of work at NSSM

The Design Innovation Center (DIC) at IIT Bombay worked and supported in the production and detailing  of the stylized hands and the large Glass Cube that represents a salt crystal on the 40 meter A-pillar, both predominant features of the National Salt Satyagraha Memorial At Dandi.  Project Associates of DIC worked on the intricate attributes and assembly of the Solar Tree. Making the salt making pots posed a tremendous challenge as the DIC team had to marry the induction heating technology with traditional handmade pots.  This was achieved effectively due to careful creative  thought put in to a special enclosure for the induction heating and assembly using special fixtures and adhesives.

Installation of solar panels for ‘Solar trees’:

PM@NSSM 30012019g

Implementation of the glass salt crystal held up by stylized hands forming an impressive ‘A’ shaped structure:


Fabrication and installation of salt making pots for visitors to have the interactive experience of making salt:


Kudos to the team who worked relentlessly round the clock!


The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) has been serving the nation for last 162 years with its professional expertise in Architecture, Engineering, Project Management coupled with comprehensive experience in building construction and maintenance.  The CPWD has executed projects in difficult and demanding geographical and climatic conditions. The recently completed National Salt Satyagraha Memorial at Dandi is yet another example of a project undertaken and executed in a remote location near the sea and bears testimony to its advanced project management capabilities.  The memorial was inaugurated by Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble PM on 30th January 2019.

PM@NSSM 30012019k

Every aspect of the Memorial was addressed with care;  welding for the salt crystal tower (A-Pillar) constructed with duplex stainless steel had to receive quality assurance from CPWD; the fabrication installation of the 41 solar trees was done in record time; the completion of the basalt lining for the artificial lake and the filling of the lake with water was meticulously planned and executed; special cranes were deployed for the placing of heavy mural pedestals to enable the simultaneous completion of the pathway and horticulture; monitoring and delivery of the granite blocks  transported from Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh was ensured with great efficiency.

Shri Ganesh Corporation displayed tremendous amount of ingenuity and cooperation to hire suitable agencies in accordance with the able supervision provided by CPWD. Under the watchful guidance of Mr. Ajay Kumar Agarwal, the Chief Engineer of CPWD, who motivated and led the team, engineers, technicians and construction labourers have worked relentlessly without holidays and weekends.

Since several operations needed to happen simultaneously to ensure timely completion, sequencing and co-ordination was of utmost importance. The methods and project management used by the engineers and officers of the CPWD was truly commendable. CPWD, indeed saved the day and came out with flying colours where the Hon’ble PM appreciated all the components of the monument.





Solar Trees